Contact Person: Mr.Lau,

       Foshan Zoete Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., established in 2012, locates in Shunde, Foshan city,GD province. It covers an area of 3000㎡, and it has about 200 staffs,Zoete Electric keeps developing on a flexible and professional manufacturing road and it is a copper & aluminium products manufacturing base, products such as flexible connector contact, flexible braid connector, copper foil busbar laminated, copper stranded conductor, power busbar extension joint, hard wire, copper or alu. jumper, copper extension joint, grounding strap, earthing wire, bonding jumper, insulated busbar, switchgear accessories, etc., or customized, which is widely use in locomotive cell in new energy field ,and switchgear,transformer in power distribution.

Foshan Zoete Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.
Add.:80th Shiliang Road,Jizhou,Lunjiao,Shunde,Foshan City,China 528308

Contact Person:  Mr.Lau

M:  +86-133-8027-3862
T:  +86-757-2220-4189
F:  +86-757-22204189

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Zoete Electric specializing for copper busbar manufacturing ...

Zoete Electric is specializing in production of various types of copper/aluminium busbar...

Zoete Electric established in 2012, specializing in flexibel copper/aluminium conductor appliaction in new energy electrolytic cell,locomotive and power distribution line.

Zoete Electric established in 2012, find a copper or aluminium busbar/conductor solution here ...

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Address: 80th Shiliang Road,Jizhou,Lunjiao,Shunde,Foshan City,China 528308 

Contact Person: Mr.Lau


Tel: +86 757 2220 4189

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+86 757 2220 4189