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Copper soft connection customers with what trust you

Writer:Zoete ElectricDate:2016-6-12

Qinjiayuan shops shop see this post, feel quite good at summary, there is a good thing, of course, share, special finishing for everyone to see:

In today's fierce market competition, the business is difficult to do, but the business must be done. So we have to find out what the customer needs? What do customers trust you?
Said to be customers to buy products, it is better to say that customers are more accurate to buy services. Customers are not afraid of you to consider their own interests, but he is afraid that you do not consider his interests. From ancient to modern times, doing business is about honesty, integrity of the business is only temporary benefits, but do not long. Only constant innovation, increase customer freshness, service to customers, so that customers can better choose you, in order to longer distance cooperation.

Trust is a gradual and long-term process in the project. Unless you in every sales call are kept on this issue should be paid attention. Otherwise, you will found that in a casual moment, your previous hard to build up the sense of trust, in an instant will come to naught. To allow customers to truly trust, who can not once and for all!
You must always have a win-win thinking, always for the sake of customers, and through the interests of customers and achieve their own interests. Customers are not afraid of your interests, but he is afraid that you do not consider his interests. If in your sales process from time to time to show his interest in understanding, care and help to achieve their attitude, the customer trust you will be greatly enhanced. For example, you often talk with him about his work is how to carry out, what his confusion, he recently bought a house or not to help, and so on. Once you show this concern, the client will immediately feel that you are a good person.

Think about the first customer demand for products copper soft connection, aluminum soft connection inquiry, think about the first time received a soft connection under the order of excitement, after each time with the exchange between customers, to trust. Heart feeling a lot.
Our purpose is "integrity management, customer service", adhering to the "scientific, rigorous, pragmatic and innovative" business philosophy, will, as always, continue to improve service quality, expand diversified product mix, with superior technology, high quality products, rich professional experience and perfect technical service to our customers.

Soft connection home to thank you, look forward to working with you to create brilliant!

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