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High quality copper soft connection manufacturers you choose the right?

Writer:Zoete ElectricDate:2016-6-12

High quality copper soft connection manufacturers you choose the right?

Soft copper connections as conductive industry's flagship accessories, extensive role, the market demand is also growing, suppliers, manufacturers are more and more, many manufacturers in order to reduce the cost and increase profits with aluminum or aluminum sheet to replace copper wire, copper, thus greatly reducing low service life of the soft copper connections, more serious direct guide to equipment short circuit burned out, is unable the normal work. Zall special you identify the authenticity, teach you how to choose good or bad.

From the color, the copper foil soft, bright color, hardness than the aluminum foil to high, repeated folding, and extrusion, also can distinguish the true from the false. Or directly with the hard blow, copper inside and outside are the same color.

From the weight point of view, the same size of the material size of the two pieces of copper soft connection, the weight of the weight of a lot better than the light. The conductive performance is stronger, in the over current, heavy is not easy to heat.The choice of quality soft copper connections, the need for formal manufacturers, Foshan chort is your best choice...

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